Christmas Wallpaper – Steps To Change Your Wallpaper To a Christmas Theme

Now that Christmas is fast approaching many people are starting to decorate their homes with Christmas decorations. If you want to make every day a holiday why not change your desktop wallpaper as well, so even when you are working you will always be reminded of the holiday season. It does not matter if you do not have a Christmas wallpaper theme saved on your computer because you can easily download one on the internet, and this article will help you get into the holiday mood.

It is easy to customize your desktop and laptop with Christmas wallpaper even if you do not have a theme saved in your computer because downloading wallpapers is possible nowadays. In fact, all you have to do is visit a website that has tons of holiday themes and choice the design you want. Once you have selected the wallpaper for your desktop just click download and wait for it to complete before you can see it in your documents.

Steps In Changing Your Desktop Theme

Changing your desktop wallpaper to Christmas wallpaper is just a piece of cake, you do not have to be a “techy” since the steps require only basic computer knowledge.

If your computer operating system is XP, Window 95, 98 or 2000 just follow the steps below to change your wallpaper theme.

Step #1 – Right “click” your desktop

Step #2 – On the menu, simply select properties

Step #3 – In the small window, there are four tabs but only click the desktop tab.

Step #4 – On the tab, the available wallpaper are displayed if you do not have a Christmas wallpaper saved on it then just click on the button for browsing. Locate the file you have download from the internet then click it to make it your new wallpaper.

Take note, most Christmas wallpaper will fit your desktop already but if you want to adjust the size just go to the settings and adjust it according to your desired size. It is also important to note that computers have different platform, so the steps indicated above is not possible for MAC computer.

Why Changing Your Wallpaper Can Get You into the Holiday Mood

Changing your wallpaper with Christmas wallpaper will remind you often of the big holiday season. So, even if you are busy working there is no reason not to feel that Christmas is near. Besides, great wallpapers can also make your day and changing your wallpaper with the season is refreshing especially if you are bored with your desktop wallpaper.http://www.dejadesktop.com

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